#3 Michigan’s Resilience On Defense Prevails Over #21 Wisconsin

Michigan’s Head Basketball Coach Juwan Howard

Juwan Howard, Michigan’s Head Basketball Coach (14-1), has preached defense days in and days out, and his players have responded game in and game out. Sunday’s Valentines showdown with the #21 Wisconsin Badgers (15-7) would prove to be no difference. Coming off of a 3-week Covid-19 Hiatus, the wolverines were able to strug off any cobwebs they had during the first half, coming out in the second half putting the stops to anything the Badgers could up with in the paint for scoring, going 2-7 in post shooting, having to settle for outside shots. Isaiah Livers continues to come up big for the Wolverines as he connected for 20pts on 8/16 (50%) from field.

As march vastly approaches us, its never clear who may take it all, but if defense proves to bring out champions, Michigan has probably the best chance to conquer this feat. Not taking anything away from the two undefeated schools Gonzaga and Baylor, but Michigan has proved its dominance defensively while playing the most competitive conference in all of college basketball (Big Ten). The Wolverines provide depth on the bench, size in the front court, and a discipline that so many coaches would love for their players to play with. Not only that, but experience playing on the big stage that will prove key for the Wolverines in a unsettled / shortened season, that has had so many up and downs and back arounds.

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